Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a breakfast!

I've heard from a lot of fans wondering why I haven't posted in almost a WEEK. I'll be honest, I've been SO BUSY getting ready for Wrestlemania 23 that I haven't had anytime to write. Shawn Michaels is going DOWN. Not too busy to eat a good breakfast, though: here's my newest creation. I call it GRANOLA POWERBOMB.

Start with some fruit. You can use anything you want - peaches, apples, pineapples, watermelon, oranges. Make sure you use fresh fruit, though! I never eat my fruit out of can - it's more fun to cut it up. Especially pineapple, because they're so big. Here's the recipe:

1) Cut your fruit up into small pieces.

2) Add two cups of granola. Mix up the granola and the fruit.

3) In a bowl, mix in two cups of plain yogurt.

You're ready to eat! It's delicious. The yogurt holds all the fruit and the granola together. A breakfast like that makes me ready to get out of the house and get going. Top it off with some pushups, and you have a great way to start the day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I can't BELIEVE none of my fans out there figured out my pushup competition score. What, are you all asleep during your math class? When I was a kid, I was always the strongest one in my class, because I lifted so many weights and did so many pushups. But I was always one of the smartest, too. I didn't make a big show of it, or anything - it's not like I sat in the front of the room with my hand raised in the air, but I ALWAYS knew what was going on. Numbers were always easy for me, and I never brought home anything worse than a B on my report card. But what do you expect? I'm the CHAMP, after all.

So, pushup competition:

I started out strong, 65 pushups in the first minute. Then I slowed down a little bit, finishing 55 pushups in my second minute. I took a short break and came back with 45 pushups and 35 pushups in the third and fourth minutes. No joke, I was tired. But I knew I had to finish strong, so I put ALL my energy into it and went hard for the last minute - 65 pushups. 265 pushups in total. Randy Orton only had 225. Because he lost, he has to make me a special belt that says PUSHUP CHAMP. Maybe you'll see me wearing it on RAW - I haven't decided if I'll be wearing it on TV or not yet.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


That's right, fans. Randy Orton went DOWN.

We had our pushup competition after RAW. All the guys were there. Edge had been talking some trash, telling me that he had seen Randy training and that I was going to lose.

I wasn't afraid. I eat a good breakfast every day. I lift, and I go to the gym. I do pushups at home. Sometimes I run. Randy had NOTHING.

We did pushups for 5 minutes. I can do more pushups in a minute than Randy - 65 per hour. Randy could only do 52. But towards the end, I was getting tired. I slowed down, 10 less pushups each minute, until last minute, when I did 65 again. Fans, I'm not telling you the final score until tomorrow - let's see if anyone out there can figure it out...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pushup Competition

Sorry, fans. Nothing new here over the past few days. I was too busy doing pushups because I needed to take down Randy Orton.

This morning I had a simple breakfast - one big Grapefruit and some toast. Grapefruits are those big fruits you see at the store. Inside they are sort of like an orange, only a little more sour. I sprinkle a little sugar on top to make it more sweet. They're loaded with Vitamin C, and they're fun to eat. You have to be careful when you put your spoon in, or grapefruit juice will shoot all over. When I make toast, I always buy wheat bread. White toast isn't good for you at all - it's too plain, and it doesn't have anything to help your muscles. Wheat toast tastes better, too.

Randy and I are having our pushup competition tonight. Most pushups in 5 minutes. I can do 65 pushups an hour, but I get tired near the end. Not like this kid:
I bet he never gets tired. He's proof - if you eat right, and do your pushups, you will get BIG, even if you're only 6 years old!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thanks, Fan in Philly

A fan wrote in from Philadelphia. This is what he had to say:

>Hey Cena-
>I'm a BIG fan, at least I'm trying to get BIG. I've been starting to eat breakfast
>lately after I read your blog.
>I have a question: I really like eating cereal and I want to know if it's ok to put a
>banana in it? Will I still get BIG?
>Thanks for your help!
>Fan in Philly

This is an excellent question. Sometimes I wake up and I don't want to turn on the stove and make myself any pancakes. It takes a while, and when I have a lot to do, I eat a bowl of cereal.

Cereal's great. I don't eat the sugar stuff - it's too much like candy. I find something that has a lot of protein and fiber. I like the ones that have flakes and granola. They taste good but give me a lot of energy.

After I pour the cereal, I cut up a banana or a peach and mix it in with my cereal. The fruit tastes great in the milk, and I know that when I eat it I'm making myself BIG.

Randy Orton was talking real big the other night on RAW. Before the matches, he told me that he could do more pushups than I could. Today I'm going to be practicing for our pushup competition. Pushups make my upper body strong, and they're easy to do. The CHAMP won't go down easy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mmm, Waffles!

This morning I had a special treat. Three waffles with strawberries and maple syrup. I like how waffles have the little boxes in them to hold my syrup. I also had two hard-boiled eggs. And of course, two glasses of milk and a glass of orange juice to wash it down.

Also, all this talk about flexing got me thinking. Are you flexing your brain?

I used to make $6.00 an hour working in the gym, helping people get big. Now, I'm lucky enough to make A LOT more. But there's a lot of shady people out there who might try to take advantage of me. People who wish they were BIG and want to steal a little piece of John Cena's hard work. With all the movie and record projects I'm working on, plus my wrestling contracts, I need to keep my brain working to keep an eye on things. That means math to make sure I get paid every penny I'm owed. And reading to make sure I don't get ripped off by bad contracts. Know the phrase "Read the fine print"? It's true. That's where people usually try to rip you off.

Luckily, eating a good breakfast and being healthy helps your brain get BIG too. You'll have more energy to study, you'll remember more, and no one can take advantage of you when it comes time to get paid.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Thank you/Note on getting BIG

One of my fans, Biagy, posted a note wishing me luck against Shawn Michaels. Thanks for the good wishes, Biagy. It will be a good match. When I was younger, the Showstopper was one of my heroes. I'm sure HBK is planning to line me up for some Sweet Chin Music, but I promise you that all he's going to hear are sour notes.

That's all I'm going to say about that, though. I appreciate the support but there are lots of other websites my fans can check out for wrestling talk. This one is all about breakfast, eating well, and getting BIG. That's the stuff I'll talk about on here.

So it makes me happy to hear my fan has been out running. I don't really like to run much or ride a bike for hours because lifting and flexing makes me happiest. But running must make him happy so he should keep doing it. I've said it before, but I'll say it here too: Don't do anything you don't like because this should be fun. If you want to get stronger, but you don't like lifting weights, don't lift weights. You don't necessarily have to work out in a gym to get healthy.

That's what I mean by getting BIG. Being BIG is when you match your talent with strength and training to be the best. You might not ever get muscles as big as mine, but still end up just as BIG. I can't do what D-Wade does in the NBA, Derek Jeter does with a baseball, or Tiki Barber does in the NFL. And if one of them ever steppped in the ring with me, they'd get hurt. But we're all BIG, because we are the strongest at what we do. So if you like to play basketball, play basketball. If you like to run, then run. Heck, if you like to jump rope, then jump as much rope as possible. If you want to be BIG you have to train hard and eat well.

Monday morning

Man, I had an incredible breakfast this morning.

Two bagels with cream cheese.
A pile of scrambled eggs.
Four slices of bacon.
A banana, and a can of pineapple chunks.

And I washed it all down with a tall glass of milk, two glasses of orange juice, and some of the pineapple juice.

I didn't get hungry at all before lunch. What a breakfast!

P.S. To my Fan in Philly -- it's definitely okay to put a banana on your cereal. Cereal is an important part of breakfast and it's even better with some fruit. If you ever get sick of bananas, try putting some sliced peaches or frozen berries on it. Keep eating your breakfast and training hard, and you'll be well on your way to getting BIG.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Don't Forget About Dairy

As you could probably tell from my last breakfast, I really love pancakes. If I could, I would eat pancakes every day. You would too, if you ever were lucky enough to eat some of the pancakes I make. Once I even got them to go with my burger, instead of fries.

Unfortunately, you can't just eat pancakes all the time. You would definitely get big, but you wouldn't get BIG. You know what I mean? You certainly wouldn't be too strong. You'd be one of those fake big people who seem big but are softer than your pillow. When I'm practicing my moves, I always hate doing an F-U on one of those guys. I have to slam them quick before I get trapped by all the jiggle.

So how can you get truly BIG if you're eating breakfast every day but can't always have delicious pancakes?
I do two things:

1. I make sure I always try to change up what I'm eating. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and so I have the same thing for a few days in a row, but I never eat the same thing over and over again. Your body needs a lot of different kinds of fuel. And eating the same thing over and over again gets boring.

2. I make sure I eat a lot of fruits and dairy. When I'm not eating pancakes, one of my favorite breakfasts is to have yogurt with some fruit. Yogurt might seem strange if you've never had it before. When I ate it as a kid in West Newbury, one kid even made fun of me for having such a "girly" breakfast. Well, he made fun of me until I treated him to my first spinebuster!

Anyway, yogurt is an awesome superfood for breakfast because it has more calcium than a glass of milk, which means it will grow your bones. If you're BIG like me, you need to have big, strong bones to wrestle and carry all that muscle around without breaking. Yogurt also has potassium, just like bananas, so you can lift and flex without hurting after you finish. Yogurt even has a lot of protein, which will help your body build muscle. This is the muscle you need to become big. Best of all, yogurt doesn't take any time to prepare in the morning and you can eat it while you're walking. I like to eat plain, non-fat yogurt with pieces of banana or apple that I've cut up and stirred in.

If I can't get any yogurt, I make sure I at least drink a glass of milk in the morning to help my bones stay strong. Again, if you're not used to eating it, it might seem funny at first. But trust me: I would never have been able to get big without it. Drink milk, and eat some cheese or yogurt. Don't ignore your dairy!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

This Morning

I got up early this morning so I could get to the gym on time. I need a big breakfast because I lift all morning, and then I practice my wrestling moves. I've got some new stuff I'm working on for Smackdown.

First I had a big glass of juice. I feel a little sick, so I drink orange juice. Orange juice makes your body healthy, so it can fight off colds and the flu. I make sure that I never drink soda. Soda makes my stomach feel funny and then I can't run or lift, and I don't get BIG. I usually fill up my glass again and drink some more.

With my orange juice I had 2 stacks of pancakes. There are 5 pancakes in a stack. I make them really big, with some bananas on top. Bananas have potassium and other vitamins. I need potassium when I lift. Potassium helps me flex, and if I didn't eat enough potassium, my arms would hurt when I was done flexing.

Orange Juice, Pancakes and a Banana. Delicious. I felt so strong all morning.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hey. This is John Cena.

Whenever I go running or leave the house to buy some chairs for Smackdown, people always ask me HOW I GOT TO BE SO STRONG AND BIG. Always. I tell them: eat breakfast, run, and lift.

People kept asking me what I eat. They wanted to get to be as big like me. I decided to start this page.

I'll tell you what I ate that morning, and how it made me feel.

Only read this if you want to be STRONG. You have to be BIG to be The Champ. I stay strong by eating a really good breakfast every morning. Then I run.